Brian Phillips, “Your Stupid Rage”

Phillips draws the reader in with the first sentence, “I am here to save your life.” The reader wonders how the hell this person is going to save his/her life and from what so it instantly has the reader reading more into the article to figure this out. He talks about sports fans and managers and how they react to certain plays or games. Most people can relate to this because a lot of people watch sports and have similar outbursts of rage when a play or call by the referee doesn’t go their way. This happens all the time with sports fans and others in general. Even if you don’t watch sports you probably watch some type of television show so when something on the show happens that you don’t want to happen, you initially freak out and start screaming at the Television. We’ve all been there, don’t deny it.  He gives that long example and then goes into how he is going to save your life. He says something like if you are that connected with a club then you are always going to be a little angry. If you lose the love for the game then you are doing it wrong basically because your anger towards other sports fans or people have taken over your life. Don’t be an idiot when you are expressing your emotions about something you love.


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