Sarah Vowell “The Wordy Shipmates”

Her essay is clearly not your typical history paper or text book where you would get loads of information without really enjoying the content, most of the time. She really gets her readers interested in the topic she is talking about without them even realizing they are interested. I noticed that I was on page five when I realized I was actually reading something for a class. She grabs her readers attention by starting off with things that compare to her topic, like when she mentions The Brady Bunch or Bewitched. I love watching those shows; I’m not going to lie. I knew exactly what she was talking about when she was referring to the episodes, a lot of people would. She made the essay enjoyable to read because she included things, such as those TV shows, that everybody loves or are familiar with. I know I laughed a few times, especially in the beginning, when she mentioned Marcia getting hit in the face with the football. “Oh, my nose!” Haha, classic! Anyway, she made it sound like you weren’t reading an essay, rather something for pleasure. She still incorporated history, but she did it very nonchalantly, I want to say. She didn’t overload her readers with information and included some personal experiences, which i think really helped in connecting with her audience. I think the connection with the audience is the most important thing when writing an essay; you don’t want to make it boring for your readers because they suffer reading it and you suffer writing it.


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