Longform.com “Teen Mean Fighting Machine”

One thing that made this essay interesting was that it mentioned the film Mean Girls. Mean Girls is a very popular film among people my age, especially girls. When I saw that this essay talked a little bit about the movie, I knew this was the essay that i wanted to read. The last little paragraph in the essay caught my interest. She said that “what could’ve been a teen feminist movement, touching on some of the great unrecognized truths about life as a girl, ultimately became nothing more than a tired recapitulation of the good girl/bad girl game, with all its attendant moralism. The means girls debate could’ve helped transform the way teenage girls are encouraged to think and act toward each other. But in the end, all we got was another cat-fight.” This little portion of her essay interested me. The whole ‘mean girl’ could’ve ended with the help of psychologists and others, but it turned into a fight and nothing was solved. The fact that it turned into a fight in the end, like ‘mean girls’, it really showed that it’s not just mean girls but mean women as well, at least that is what i think. All women are catty, it just starts at a young age. I also think it was interesting because the author refereed back to the movie several times in her essay, trying to get her point across. I think mentioning this movie, that so many have seen and are familiar with, really helped her readers see where she was going with her essay. Being a girl and seeing first hand what mean girls are actually like, I can understand this essay better. I think the readers at Longorm.com would enjoy reading this because of the relate-ability it has, especially with girls. I’m sure most girls, if not all, have had an interaction with a mean girl or were one themselves so they can understand the importance of teaching teen girls not to be so catty and mean.


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