David Foster Wallace “Consider the Lobster”

I honestly didn’t find this essay all that captivating. He started off talking about the festival and what was around it, like geography wise and such, the different tents that were at the festival and what kinds of food that were being sold, most of them having something to do with lobster. There is also lobster merchandise that can be purchased, such as lobster t-shirts and bobble-heads. He then went into describing different lobsters and crustaceans and what they look liked. He should have just stuck with the festival and described that and everything that goes on within the different tents and restaurants that surround the festival. More background information on the city and the festival might have been better instead of writing about lobsters and how they are “the garbage men of the sea”, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t see how this essay could be so “captivating” as you say it is. I might be missing something but i don’t see how a description of lobsters can “captivate” people in such a way that will make them think differently about lobsters, if that was the point of the essay in the first place, which i thought was the festival. I can see how lobsters play a key role in the festival and essay, since it was a lobster festival and Maine is big for it’s lobster but not enough to write two paragraphs on them. Again, this is just my opinion.


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