Shirky Ch. 6 and 7

Shirky talks about flash mobs and how the organization of them can be like getting a group of people together for a good cause. Flash mobs take organization like our group. Our group has come together to research and interesting topic that can later on be analyzed further from the research and opinions we provide. Shirky also talks about Bloggers and Twitter accounts and how they have developed a new way of social media. We are going use Tumblr for our project and will research how some of these social networks have not only developed social media, but created opportunities for amateur artists.

Also, Shirky talks about the way that media handles the news, for instance, The Roman Catholic Church’s handle on the sex scandals. Shirky then tells us that they didn’t truly handle this well or listened to what the news was saying. This can be related to having all your research from every source before making any statements.


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