Here Comes Everbody Chapter 3

This chapter discusses the idea of “mass amateurization” which means that anyone can become say a journalist or a photographer without being an expert or a professional in that given field. This “mass amateurization” has recently become to overtake the existing idea of having to be a professional. “Mass amateurization” comes with both pros and cons. The benefits that come from this is that anyone can contribute to ideas or information to help improve or enhance the article being talked about, more and more people are able to publish their own work or help others with their work, and having these works available online makes it easier to access the many different articles or information for anyone to see or have access too. With benefits comes drawbacks as well. Some of these drawbacks include the fact that just about anyone can contribute their ideas to articles of other types of online sites that relay information for others and the information that is given may not be true because some people may not be that knowledgeable on the topic they decide to contribute too.


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