These articles about Zakaria, Lehrar, and Anderson match my idea of plagiarism in that the authors knowingly took information from another source and used it in their own writing without giving the author credit for his/her work. The authors passed this work off as their own, which was wrong. This cases are pretty much the same and should be treated the same. My idea for plagiarisms in universities is a little different. If a student plagiarizes on purpose than they should be punished but if it is an accidental plagiarism than they shouldn’t be punished. To tell the difference between the two, one would have to see how much of the paper is plagiarized and what exactly is plagiarized. If a student takes information from another source without giving credit where credit is due then that would be completely different as opposed to a if a student forgets to cite a quote they mentioned in their paper or cites it wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and citing everything correctly is challenging and very time consuming.


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