Here Comes Everybody Chapter 2

The first two chapters in this book talk about how organizations and groups have become a key role in our society today. It’s always been around to form groups or organizations but it used to be hard and more complicated to do back then than it is today. With the new technological advances in recent years, it has become much easier to interact and connect with people or form groups. It is much easier to find out what’s going on in the world because a lot of people can blog about it or post pictures online making their opinions and photos accessible to everyone in the world. As an active person on social media sites, I interact with a numerous amount of people from all over the world because we all share the same love for certain shows. Social media sites really help to bring people together and form a special bond over something they love. It makes people feel closer together even if they live on opposites of the world. This two chapters would apply to the Wikipedia project that I am doing because anyone can add something to a Wikipedia page, even if it’s not true. Although Wikipedia is monitored to make sure the information posted is true, some things may slip through the cracks unintentionally. Wikipedia can be a very useful and informative website, but it could also be giving people false information. In the second chapter, it talked about how small groups are sometimes better than larger ones because of many different reasons. It is easier to come to an agreement with fewer people and it could be better to have a few people contribute rather than a whole bunch of people because more people means more opinions. Sometimes less is more.


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