Here Comes Everybody Ch. 1

This book is about organizing without organization through technology and society. It doesn’t start off talking about organization or anything like that. It begins with a story about a missing, then stolen, cell phone. I think he starts this book off with a story like the missing cell phone because it brings in the attention of the reader and makes them want to read more on the story. The story actually happened and it became a national headline story that captivated audiences and intrigued people to get involved. This story was an example of organizing without organizations without the reader even knowing it at the time. The next section in this chapter talked about how this story became organized without organization and it made readers understand what the author was trying to say about organizing without organization. The use of technology and the people’s interests in the story is what helped get the phone back to its rightful owner. Evan is the friend of Ivanna, the girl who lost her phone, and he is the one who decided to not only to help his friend get her phone back but also “to satisfy his sense of justice” which proved to be successful. He used his social network site to get this story out to the public. The public’s interest in the story, the feedback he was getting from viewers and the willingness to help from readers really helped Evan’s case against Sasha, the girl who has the phone, and the NYPD. Evan and Ivanna had a lot of people on their side thanks to social networking.


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