1/16 Reading Assignments

McSweeny’s “Internet-Age Writing Syllabus” and “College Writing Assignments with Real-World Applications” are humorous to read because they suggest doing things that most people wouldn’t normally do, like  ‘Write a cover letter to a bank manager that claims your B.A. in Literature gives you an advantage over people who have degrees in Business, Finance, or Economics.’ Both articles use this type of humor in their articles. One article is a syllabus that will cover everything that the generation today does when they are online or on social media sites. I find this humorous because almost everything that is on the syllabus  people already do on the computer anyway and it’s the truth. I think the purpose of the humor is to engage the people who are reading, writing, or doing research online or about certain topics, which is teenagers and young adults. The author wrote about topics that this generation could relate to and have a better understanding of what the author was trying to stress, which is to be aware and careful of what you post online because once it’s out there,  it’s there forever. I think that these articles point out that people should actually do research and write in a more formal way when writing for a class or professor than you would on a social media site or talking to your friends. 


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